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Mill Architect is Honoured

Sir Philip Sidney Stott
Wednesday 29th September 2004

Lancashire's Great Mill Architect

Born Wykeham Place, Chadderton, in 1858

One of Chadderton's most notable figures was honoured by the unveiling of a blue plaque on the 29th September, 2004 at Chadderton Central Library., 'Wykeham Place', Middleton Road. His great grandson Sir Philip Stott performed the Ceremony in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Oldham Metropolitan Borough, Councillor Kay Knox, and her consort, Councillor Jim McArdle. The unveiling was witnessed by a founder member of the Chadderton Historical Society, Mr Michael Lawson and its Chairman Mr Mark Johnson.

The Stott family generally, were to become renowned architects, mainly within the cotton industry, the head being Abraham Henthorn Stott, born in Crompton in 1822. By the time of his death in 1904, at the age of 82, he had founded a veritable dynasty.

It was at Wykeham Place that Abraham's third son, Philip Sidney was born on 20th February 1858.

Philip Sidney's first commission was the Chadderton Mill, on Fields New Road, which was built in 1885 by the Chadderton Mill Co. Within Chadderton itself, Philip Sidney was associated with nine mills, in addition to the Chadderton Mill.

In 1884 he designed the extension to the Stockfield Mill.

Stockfield Mill

The year after, 1885, built the Falcon on Victoria Street. This was to be Chadderton's only weaving shed. He continued building mills in Chadderton and Lancashire until 1925.

Falcon Mill

Images of mills by permission of Arthur Chorley

In total he designed more that 124 mills both spinning and weaving. Twenty-eight of these commissions were abroad.

His career as a mill architect had spanned over four decades. During this period he claimed to have designed mills all over the world, with an aggregate spindleage of no less than nine million!


Other mills associated with Sir Philip Sidney Stott , were the Rose Mill, Richmond Mill, Nile Mill, the Raven Mill, Ace Mill and the Gorse Mill.

Acknowledgements: Extracts from the booklet produced for the unveiling, and available from Chadderton Libraries.
Price £1.15. Cheques to be made to Chadderton Historical Society.

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